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Up Coming Madden NFL 18 Revealed a Big Problem

As the gradually heated temperature, summer comes soon. Have you heard about the Madden NFL 18 will be released on August 25 this summer? EA Sports has confirmed this news, and now you can Google “madden nfl 18 release date”, and it will show you a special label of the date just like the previous version. Fans always like to predict the new features of the descendent version of a game, so does Madden fans, they’ve listed numerous of conceives towards the unborn Madden NFL 18. And there’s heated discussion among some of them.


EA Sports announced that EA Play will include Star Warstm Battlefront, Need for Speedtm, Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 and NBA Live 18 during June 10-12 in Hollywood. Madden NFL 18 owns numerous of new features and great changes in all aspects such as graphics, gameplay, sounds and online interaction.

EA Sports is making some bold changes about its forthcoming Madden NFL 18. According to EA Sports, the Madden 18 will be the most innovative Madden game over past decade, not only resort to the utilize of Frostbite engine, but also is change the cognition of gamers toward the game. Frostbite takes a great part of the game, but there’re also better gameplay experience, plenty of funnier gadgets, more freedom customizable game mode and immersive daily management. EA had release little official news about the upcoming Madden NFL 18 for Madden fanatics, which tantalized fans’ a lot.

Although there’s numerous of leaked new features of Madden 18 compared with Madden 17, that’s not enough. In order to construct a high level of realistic NHL match, EA Sports should strive for those following steps. Firstly, Crowds. Not only graphics quality or audience facial features, but also the true home-field advantage. Home-field advantage has more bearing in the NFL than any other sports, the Chiefs’ Arrowhead stadium holds the world record for crowd noise at 143.3 db, with away sides often unable to hear nothing beneath the din of the crowd.

But there’s shortcomings, though, EA Sports are supposed to added injury history system to make the game more realistic. Injury history could cause further injuries during the future matches, same part injuries have higher chance to make the hurt worse. Once you broken your ankle for more than once, you can lose the chance to be on the pitch eternally according to doctor’s suggest.


Once we heard about the Madden NFL 18 release date, we reject to believe it. As we know, previous Madden NFL release date obey the rules of the second Tuesday of every September. But maybe EA wants to show us a surprise or the previous release date was just a coincidence! Nintendo Switch seems to be the prime beneficiary for it just published no more than three month, the in-time arriving Madden NFL 18 will be a generous gift for the new console, while Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 will cry to die in lavatory.

What do you think about the Madden NFL 18? We will continuously following the latest news about EA Madden, and we will provide cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins once it published. To buy cheap price, in-time transaction, safe payment, and best online support Madden 18 Coins, we is your best choice! Have a nice game!

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