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Playoffs comes with Big Moments in NBA Live Mobile

The NBA Playoffs was debuted in 2016 NBA, announced by National Basketball Association official. Now the NBA Playoffs of NBA Live Mobile program starts simultaneously with real-world one, and will lasting during the whole postseason.

To join the NBA Playoffs every gamers will be reward a 87 rating Russell Westbrook to their roster. What’s more, there’s numerous sure-fire 80+ rating players, in which included a 95 rating Russell Westbrook for you. In order to get benefits from this event, you are supposed to keep an eye on the sets and live events to cope with the newborn challenges and tasks for the ultimate reward.


Quarterfinals Master, Semifinals Master, Conference Finals Masters, Ultimate Playoffs Master Bill Russell, all can be built up, in which contains struggling players for you. Complete those sets to win the masters and badges.

To play through the Big Moments, you can personally track back through the real playoffs matches to rewrite the history and create your own fantasy Big Moments. Producer of the NBA Live Mobile and the Madden NFL Ultimate Team, Andrew Hoffman announced there’s a compensation for those who haven’t got the free 87 Russell Westbrook due to many gamers complained they’ve not got the 87 Westbrook after reinstalled the game nor the special compensation. While some people getting double or triple of these packs, there’s someone have got nothing yet.

You can check your team spirit through playing the NBA Live Mobile Slogan theme live events. By doing this, you can use these the “see red”, “defend the land”, and “believe Memphis” slogans to earn conference theme playoffs rewards.

Have finished the Playoffs Live Events yet? We prepared a comprehensive guide for you to achieve those challenges quick and safe. Keep following us.


How to enhance your gameplay in NBA Live Mobile?

As the most sought-after basketball simulation mobile game, NBA Live Mobile was unparalleled in graphics, operations, authenticity, and soundtrack.

Once you log in the game you will see the America map screen, and most of gamers will start with the tutorial event. I would not suggest you to begin with it because as your stamina bar will be filled up every time you level up, so the most efficient way is to play the daily grind as many times as possible. To play the dunk drill game, you can win bronze player, silver player, coins and trophies. Remember to allocate your stamina properly.

When you start to play the tutorial events, the first level is to learn how to dribble, you are supposed to press virtual button under the hints, just press right stick, then switch to the first blanket and press right stick, then switch to the first blanket and press right stick, finally you switch to the second blanket and press right stick to get through. The second level is passing, at first you should press pass, then press pass when your teammate about to receive the ball. The third level is to cast 3pt and rebound, just dribble the ball to the 3pt line and cast it. The fourth level, just drive to right place and dunk. The special skills, in which you should control your Stephen Curry to cast the 3pt, it must be success and boring. The sixth level, guard your opponent by hold on the guard in the midfield and switch button to change aim. The seventh level is easy too. Just win the Atlanta Hawks with 8 points ahead. There’s a skill for you is to dragging to the 24s violation for four times. Remember to leave 3 stamina for the season.


The higher level you are, the larger maximum stamina you got. When you reach the level 21, your stamina will reach maximum volume of 20. To plan for a reasonable schedule will help you a lot in the game process. Have a nice game!

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