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Overhauls for Madden NFL 18 Continue

Electronic Arts is going the way of the Frostbite Engine with Madden NFL 18. Due out on August 25, there have been a slew of improvements announced for the game that will bring the realism to its most authentic, yet. While there will be three different play styles including the arcade, simulation, and competitive options, there are a ton of little aspects that the series has been missing for a long time. Thanks to the new engine, these things will be possible that could not be possible on the Ignite Engine, EA’s former sports game graphics engine. One of the more important aspects of football is blocking. What goes on in the trenches determines holes for running backs and pass protection, along with gaps for blitzing on the defense. This is getting overhauled in Madden NFL 18.

A lot of improvements to the game are coming from input from the Madden Communities. According to the Madden Mechanics Diary, identifying the Middle Linebacker on the defense was highly asked for. Known as ID the Mike, players can now go beyond base protection and pick out the main linebacker on the defense. Each team has a different pass protection scheme, and Madden has always used a hybrid version of it all. Base protection involves the offense lineman blocking for the front four defensive lineman, while being responsible for the Middle Linebacker. With Madden NFL 18, players can choose who they think this is to allow for better protection. Rather it be slide protection or bringing an extra Running Back or Tight End in for help, this can allow for ultimate strategics at the line of scrimmage. However, guessing incorrectly can leave your ball carrier out to dry.

The most important aspect to the improvements on the offensive line will be awareness. Madden NFL 18 will use player attributes to the max on the line, all while implementing the aggregate awareness of the entire line. This feature will begin when the average awareness score of the five offensive linemen reaches 80. The ability to recognize blitzes scales. For example, an 80-rated O-line will be able recognize heat about five percent of the time, whereas an O-line averaging 97 or higher in awareness will recognize the pressure on almost every single pass play. This signifies chemistry along an offensive line, which is very important for the success of an offense.

Other improvements include block shedding with an emphasis on player ratings and matchups, Running Back pass blocking, and open-field blockers and lead blockers. Wide Receivers will be assigned the MDM, or Most Dangerous Man blocking assignments on running plays. You will see them go after outside linebackers and safeties that drop back into coverage. All the details can be read in the link above.

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