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Home > NEWS > NHL 17: Comprehensive Game Guides – Team & Tactics

NHL 17: Comprehensive Game Guides – Team & Tactics

NHL 17 is the most popular ice hockey simulation video game published by EA Sports. The game features life-like ice hockey playing and numerious of fantasy game modes such as Draft Champion, World Cup of Hockey, Franchise mode and so on. Ice hockey zealots have the opportunity to play ice hockey at home. Now there’re rising trend of E-sports industry. Seattle Seahawk and PSG had signed their E-sports gamers early this year. And CEO of EA Sports Andrew Wilson also noticed that phennomenon.

Whether you are for relax or to compete with friends, to master some tricks or glitches is important to win more. All in all, that is a video game and it couldn’t replace the real life hockeys in future we can see.


Squad Building – NHL 17 Ultimate Team can be a bit confusing for beginners. You will take a period to time to get familiar with your cards, and learn to them in the correct positions. To build a team with excellent offense in HUT, you can decide which players you should seek out for your team once your centers and defender are in place. It’s hard to understand every of your teammembers and take advantage of them in match. Managing your lines properly can help you hold on to the lead late in the game or get a crucial goal to win in adversities.

Score Tricks – The first thing to make score it to build up your defensive line. Your defense player can’t be small guild. They need to be fairly hefty so that they can check people into the boards in a second. Size and agility are the two key factors at work here. NHL 17 includes 3 different offensive strategies, which have been the same for many years in the NHL franchise, Overload, Crash the Net, and Behind the Net. IMO, Behind the Net is the best tactic. Players attempting a wrap-around will skate from one goal post to another behind the net in order to shoot the puck from the side of the net that the goaltender is not covering.


Earn Coins – There are two way for you to earn coins in HUT. First one is to make it by yourself. Log in the HUT every, get the daily reward pucks. Rewards will get boost along with the time, at the day of seven, you can get 1,250 pucks and it continues eternally. For instance, if you’ve logged in the FUT for 7 days at the beginnning of June and continue to log in over the entire month, you can get 38,750 pucks totally. (even if you don’t play any of the match) The second way to get coins is to join the auction house. Buy low and sell high is the basic principle to do business. Seek for cheap deals in Auction House from time to time. When you stock a humongous piles of bargins, you can get fairly decent profits from it. One thing important, do not addict to Packs for its uncertainty. If you want to upgrade your lineups, auction house is a good choice!

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