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NBA Live Mobile Guide – Step by Step to be a Master

NBA Live Mobile is a basketball simulation game, developed by EA Mobile, published on iOS / Android in 2016. Based on real-life NBA authentic teams and players statistics, NBA Live Mobile gained a lot of fames amongst basketball fans. When you get tired after playing basketball for three hours or even more, take out your mobile phone and have a match on NBA Live Mobile with basketball zealots from all over the world!

But game will be game, no matter how it looks like to be, it has difference with real-life basketball. Just as you can play your cell phone on the sidelines when you get tired of playing basketball meanwhile your in-game avatar could not do this. If you want to show off you basketball skills to your friends within NBA Live Mobile, you should practice more and more same as your real-life basketball experience. Besides blindly practice, your ought to think and summarize the general rules and change your strategy subtly along with the game process. We conclude some useful guides and tips which will pretend you to detour to become a master of the game quick and safe!


Do Not Addict to It

While other guides always suggest you to get familiar with the game operations, get familiar with the gameplay and gamemode, or to play the most beneficial matches or achievements, we will disappoint you for we don’t just talk about the game. Games will always be an amusement part of our daily studying & working life. It provides us joys and laughs, neither fatigue nor waste of money. If you play the NBA Live Mobile more than you play real basketball, please quit the game and delete it on your mobile from now, you may lost your direction and misunderstand the purpose of the game. I certainly convince that EA Sports also reluctant to see that.

Change and Select You Team Whenever You Want

Let’s get down to our business. So you’ve choose your team right? And now you’ve played with the team for several hours or days, and you wanna know how the change your team when get tired of playing a same team endlessly? NBA Live Mobile give the opportunity for you to change your team. Just select the options from the main menu and find the second row. You can change your new team without any expense.

How to get more NBA Live Mobile Coins

  ● Go Through Live Events

  ● Completing Achievements

  ● Save Coins from Packs

  ● Make use of the Auctions

To draw a conclusion, the knack of accumulating NBA Live Mobile Coins can be divided into two parts. First is to learn the skills of earning coins, there’re three ways: Live Events, Achievements, and Auctions. Remember to complete the daily & weekly Live Events, it will rewards you constant decent coins or packs, which will also help you to achieve some certain achievements. Learn to buy in low and sell in high is the key point of marketing. Keep an eye on the rare card or epic card. Also you can sell your off-hand card to make quick profits, but don’t be impatient or else you will regret soon.

Save your coins from packs, do not addict to it. I know every gambler believes in their luck but the fact is most of them lost their fortune. I’m not denying the likelihood of you open a Kevin Durant or Paul George in packs. But EA won’t endow the easiest way with a considerable high rate to open a legendary player for gamers, instead of a considerable low rate. If you’re not cash player and have numerous of coins to open packs, accumulate your hand-farmed coins and stock them for an epic player in auctions is the safest method.


Decide your lineups type

There’re five types of lineups in NBA Live Mobile same as real-life basketball.

  ● Big Man

  ● Shooting

  ● Two-way

  ● Defensive

  ● Small Ball

Big man lineup take advantages of tall & strong players, they’re expert in defense and shoot. They can always take charge upper space to organize a steady offense. Shooting lineup pay most of their attention into score, despite of defense. They often have a changeable strategy which is hard to get by. Two-way lineup makes a balance between offense and defense, but it not suitable for rookies team. Defensive lineup, quite the contrary with Shooting, seldom teams select this strategies unless when they facing a powerful opponent who surpass them far away. Small ball lineup, same with Big man, but dissimilar in role. They take the advantage of small size players and organize a thunder offense. They are hard to defense relatively speaking. The most famous small ball playmaker is Muggsy Bogues.

If you find the game still hard to win or gain coins after reading this guide, you can try to buy some cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins from us. Now we provide Cheap price, fast transaction, safety guarantee, and best online support NBA Live Mobile Coins for you. Mark our site We highly suggest you to check up your orders information before you submit it. If you have any questions or suggestions towards our service or products, please contact us online support. We wish you a happy game!

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