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Home > NEWS > NBA Live Mobile 18 Release Date – Trailer, New Features, Improvements, Seasons

NBA Live Mobile 18 Release Date – Trailer, New Features, Improvements, Seasons

NBA Live Mobile franchise will soon welcome its next generation NBA Live Mobile 18 this autumn. EA Sports has been struggling with revamping its NBA Live Mobile series from the past five years, especially for NBA Live Mobile 17, which was cancelled for many reasons.

NBA Live Mobile 18 – Everything You Need to Know

Now EA has full confidence with their new Frostbite engine from its successful implement on FIFA 17, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Battlefield 1 during the past half year. So they plans to unveil their updated title for Madden NFL 18 and NBA Live Mobile 18 several month later.


Fall release dates for NBA games are customary, but there are a few reasons that its not proper for NBA Live Mobile 18. Toe-to-toe with the My NBA 2K franchise release isn’t a good thing for the struggling NBA Live franchise, an early-year release would allow NBA Live Mobile to avoid a head-to-head matchup and comparison to NBA 2K, its primary competitor and king of the basketball simulation game series.

In NBA Live Mobile 16, fatigue was just a bar, it does little effect on the players’ on-pitch performance even if ‘they’ really get tired. Fatigue system should be rewrited according to real-life players’ performance. Shot accuracy and shot power shoud be decreased as player running out. Actually, even top player could not shot as at beginning.


Graphics is the most concerning point of a video game, as well as sports game. Players models should be improved in serious for its really poor character design in NBA Live Mobile 16. Frostbite engine has shown its great power of graphics rendering. Electronic Arts CEO, Andrew Wilson, said they have been on a journey with NBA Live, and want to deliver something that’s truly innovative and disruptive in the marketplace. As for the upcoming NBA Live Mobile 18, he noted “ we got the game, and it’s really, really good, and a lot of fun”. We should trust EA to make the NBA Live better the previous one. And they do have competence to fulfill that aim.

EA has withdrawn from E3 in favour of hosting their own electronic event, EA Play, the exclusive feast of EA games. EA Play provides gamers chance to get an early look at upcoming releases. The lineup for this year events has been announced and NBA Live Mobile 18 was on the list and to be available this autumn.

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