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NBA 2K18 Graphics Highlights Focused on Resolution

NBA 2K17 has set a standard for current ages’ basketball simulation video game such as NBA Live, Incredibasketball, Free Style Street Basketball, and many other franchise. NBA 2K17 defeated NBA Live 16 last year to be the best-selling basketball simulation video game on both consoles and windows computers. What will 2K Games show us this September and how could 2K franchise handle the NBA Live franchise which has been prepared for more than a couple of years during the 2 years’ vacant?


How About the Graphics Improvement of 2K18?

Resolution is an issue for there’re no authentic native 4K-support basketball simulation games on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Undoubtedly, both NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18 will provide 4K-Resolution graphics for their staple. Not only resolution, but also frames, not NBA 2K18 can output 4096*2160@60fps graphics and overall HDR rendering.


What is HDR Technique in Video Games?

The so called HDR technique in video games isn’t a new word in our daily life. As we know, nowadays smart phone camera app has HDR function, when we activate it, the camera will take two or three photos by different exposure values within a moment, and extract the best part of the highlights and shadows and mix them in a new photo. For doing this, the picture will be perfect both in highlight and shadow and overall sections.

HDR in video games is slightly different from photograph, it’s an advanced rendering method for highlights and shadows, preventing rigid transition of illumination and providing richer color layers for images.


And the Details?

Details improvements are countless, here we’d like to introduce some of the most distinctive features for you due to the limited time and space. Firstly, the player’s body model are all re-designed according to real player’s body shape. Now everyone has unique body frame so they won’t be same-looking just like previous versions in nature.

Secondly, players’ skin sweat are flowing and glistening like real world. Although the sweats can’t drop on the ground to make the pitch slippery, the sweating system certainly provide further authenticity for the game. You can see the picture of comparison of sweat of 2K17 and 2K18.

Thirdly, aside from the HDR tech, soft shadow is also an advancement for the NBA 2K18. Shadow cast comes in an eclosion style and even small object has their own shadow cast, providing an imperceptible graphics improvements but when the quantities increased, the feeling changes indeed. The camera bokeh also get improved like real camera. Now players can playback the game video in a more authentic way. Audience models also expand to more than 100 types, you can hardly find two same audience in the crowd unless you take a screenshot to scout deliberately.

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