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Home > NEWS > NBA 2K17: Massive Game Strategies and Tricks in Online Mode

NBA 2K17: Massive Game Strategies and Tricks in Online Mode

NBA 2K17 is the most popular basketball simulation game on XboxOne/PS4/PC. This is a great improvement on the previous versions of this franchise. People who loves basketball may can play it well in real life, of course there a minor difference between game and real life of basketball. It can be quite difficult to play around especially if you are new to the genre. Here we gathered and combed most helpful tips and tricks of how to play well NBA 2K17 for you.


NBA 2K17 Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Veterans




Think Twice Before Make Decisions

That may looked like a life philosophy your grandpa told you. But it still works in games like NBA 2K17 as there are some unchangeable selections which are really important. The way and manner in which a player functions and moves is determined to a large extent by their physical features, giving you varying sets of advantages and also disadvantages. You can tweak around with things like height, weight, and armspans to really get a sense of how each affects the other, and how they work in relation to the others.


Tips for Dribbling

Dribbling is always an important part in ball game. While the other tricks can help you across some situations, which is the crucial skill of the gameplay that takes a hell lot of practice to even get right. Dribbling controls in NBA 2K17 are considerable intricate sometimes, with over a dozen of button combinations, and every button initiates a unique moving. It may takes several hours to master one of them. However, with this video has some great NBA 2K17 Tips and tricks for you to master dribbling, at least it will help you not to detour.



Time Management

While patience is incredibly important when breaking down the opposition on NBA 2K17, don’t dive in with needless steal attempts on defense, especially on the higher difficulty settings, and don’t attempt to drive straight to the basket within the first few seconds of the shot clock. Dribbling and passing quickly, move in a more effectively way. And pay attention to switch up your offensive strategy. Do not focus only on 3pt, post-moves, dribble-drives etc.


Know Your Squad Entirely

Get acquainted with your players is an important part to win. Know your players strength and weakness. Put them in the right position and make strategy for them to dip out their potentials. That will take time for you to master the on-pitch situation, realize that Kevin Love is naturally a big man, Kyrie Irving is a point guard.


Play All Kinds of Mode

NBA 2K17 will award you VC whenever you play any mode in the game. This VC can be used to upgrade your player. Earning VC in different modes allows you to control time. No one want to plays NBA 2K17 with modest attribute rating players, you need VC to improve your players before he steps on the court.




Avoid Bad Shots

You need to avoid uncertain shots as well. We always saw professional basketballer make this mistakes, shot 3pt frequently but never score. When you feel your players run out or find yourself not in a good condition, change the way you play instead of bound to it. Each time up the court, you want to come away thinking you took the best shot you possibly could, whether it went in or not.


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