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Home > NEWS > NBA 2K17: How to Master the Game

NBA 2K17: How to Master the Game

NBA 2K17 is a basketball video game for PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2k Sports in September 20, 2016.

Have you join the furious match yet? No matter whether you are a rookie or veteran of this game, it’s not harmful to go through the following guide. We gathered and combed the best tips for you players to achieve the challenges offline or to conquer most powerful opponent online.


Add Your Face to MyPlayer

If you have played the former two versions of NBA 2K series, you may complain about the facial structures setting in NBA 2K17 but it removed the direct snapshot of your face by PS4 camera. Now you need to download mobile apps of NBA 2K17 first and use it to catch up you facial traits.

Think Twice Before Make Decisions

Be careful of each decision you made in NBA 2K17 because it will change your game play certainly. You body and facial features don’t just serve an aesthetic purpose. The way and manner in which a player functions and moves is decided to a large extent by their physical features, which own its unique properties. You can adjust your MyPlayer’s height, weight and arm-spans to really get a sense of how each affect the other, and how they work in relation to the others.


Learn How to Build Up your Player

Do you want to get an unstoppable Power Forward? Or do you want a strong defensive player that no one can break through? Just follow us and get most timely news and skills for NBA 2K17. For that, I’m pretty certain that you will know more about how to player better on field and how to build up your players as well.

Analyse Your Record

If you just lose a match and annoying about it, calm down first and watch through it in order to find the mistakes or weakness of your gameplay. Failure is the mother of success. Make yourself growing through the failures. That is same with the principle of conducting your real life too.

How to Dribbling Correctly

That is one of the most useful tips for you. The dribbling controls in NBA 2K17 are extremely complex. Numerous of combo types and you can’t press the buttons in a wrong order. Sometimes you may think you are just playing the Devil May Cry 4. But what I want to say is practice makes perfect. Do you want to play the game with some high difficulty moves added in your game? Watch the video above and follow the interpretation. I hope it helps!


With these selected NBA 2k17 tips you will be a master in this game if you pay attention to the instructions. With the improving of skills, you will find more pleasure in this game but don’t forget to play with your friends and share your special moves to them. Sharing is caring.

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