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Home > NEWS > Madden NFL 17 Children’s Day Special Guide

Madden NFL 17 Children’s Day Special Guide

Today isn’t Children’s Day yet, we write this article not for children as well. Madden NFL isn’t a children’s fantasy toy but we American Football fans addict to It since long long ago. Due to the subjective nature of judging a video game, Madden NFL 17, as a sports simulation video game, set an important precedent for sports video games with its prestigious franchise mode. We had to admit it. Get down to the business, we’ve gathered and combed a heap of helpful & useful Madden NFL 17 guides for all of your gamers, that we convince will help you win the matches easily!


How to master Madden NFL 17 gameplay and farming?

Organize your Lineup

In order to save both your and our precious time and energetic, we skip the initial stages of the guide that not suitable for you veteran gamers to read. But this issue will always occur on even vet gamers, that is the lineup. You know a right-formed lineup will exploit its 100% power while poor lineup (form) will always make you doubt your intelligence. For me, my favorite team Is the Seattle Seahawk and my roster was a bit mixed around at first. The game benches players based on the real-world roster and if you’re playing the online mode you may kick off without your star players. You can manage every position and redeploy your players of starting position or on bench.

Don’t be fooled by the packs gambling

Everyone dream of getting a Rob Gronkowsky or Von Miller from the packs by just several opening. Stop dreaming about this immediately, you will never get them from packs. There’s only about 0.03% chance to get star player for every opening. With any luck, you can get one of them from packs. But why don’t you keen on lottery in real-life world? Maybe you just don’t believe that you can be the lucky dog and can’t afford the price of failure. Be wise in the game as what you do in real life. Addict to the in-game pack gambling will most likely make a poorer than farm by hand down-to-earth. There’s an old saying, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. That isn’t something without substance.


Grasp the chance in Auctions (AH)

Auction house always flash past precious & cheap player cards, but hard to grasp it. Keep an eye on the Auction House refresh. When the auction house refreshes, there’s much opportunity for you to seek for rare players, do not bid for it immediately for that will raise others attention to it quicker. Wait for the countdown to the last minutes, and then cast your maximum psychological price and wait for the bid end. There are points in AH:

  ● Focus on fresh auctions, which has few bids.

  ● Do not bid early, in case of the price inflation.

  ● Bid with your maximum psychological price, do not bid again.

  ● Be careful there’s other headhunters.

Try to sell your un-wanted players the more the better, You may never use some certain players out of some emotional feeling you unwilling to sell them. Aside from above tips, buy in low and sell in high is also a useful methods of accumulating Madden NFL Coins.


Get familiar with the new kicking mechanism

In order to win more games, we should get to know the physical mechanism of the ball flying. This time, EA Sport adopted a brand-new physical mechanism calculation. Although hard to express by words, but you can fell it just like your shoes, only your foot knows the feeling. Sometimes you kick the wrong direction or right direction with wrong strength, and you don’t know what’s going wrong. That’s not a big issue if you practice more. Many gamers complains about that problem, so once you master the new mechanism of ball flying or kick strength. The victory is not far in front of you.

If you are short of Madden NFL 17 Coins, the best place for you to buy it wish cash is on We promise cheap price, fast transaction, best online service, and safest Madden 17 Coins for you. To buy Madden NFL Coins, we are your best choice! We wish you a good game! 

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