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How to Make Madden NFL 18 Coins Fast?

Madden 18 replaces the dominance state of its predecessor Madden 17 to be the best designed American football simulation video game and will be the best-selling American football immersive game in the world at the end of this year. Been injected with fresh blood, this franchise showed its vigor from trailer to demo, of course as well as the official version.

For entrants of Madden NFL 18, the best way to master the gameplay is start from Longshot, for which will teach you the basic operation of the game in an interesting way. If you’ve after the MUT 18, you can just skip the Longshot to start the Ultimate Team as soon as possible, that’s the most last-long mode of the game.


How to Earn MUT 18 Coins Faster Systematically?

1. Step by step

Although there’re lots of tips for you to earn MUT 18 Coins quicker, they has premises too. For example, entrepreneurs need initial capitals to start their producing and trading section or else they can do nothing. We need to play the game first to gain some foundation to perform next actions. So play the game and store the rewards to at least about 10k Madden 18 Coins or correspondent MUT Packs or Kits.

2. Create your unique style of lineup

Everyone has their habit of studying, so does playing video games. American Football is a ball sport similar to soccer but different in rules. Once you find you way of playing the game, stick to it and build a team suits you best. To reduce unnecessary expense is the best way to earn profit. Sometimes you spend lots of coins for an elite player, but finally find it to prominent to co-operate with other positions proved that fail investment.


3. Convert your unwanted cards into resources

Once you opened a pack with legendary player or kit that surpasses your current configuration too much shows great divergence with you, for example, your lineup is weak in Wide Receiver, but you get an elite from packs, the best choice for you is to sell them in market. You can also utilize the transfer market to do the buy in low and sell in high business in you are well-informed.4. Play everyday

It’s not a good idea but it’s the most efficient way to make more MUT Coins. For a constant login of MUT, even without play a game, you will be rewarded with certain number of MUT Coins. Notice: Do not let the game disturb your life, never! Seldom had a people play video games as profession, and to join the eSports team of Seattle Sea Hawks isn’t an approachable job for nearly everyone.

Madden NFL 18 Coins now available for PS4 and Xbox One on Actually, to buy MUT 18 Coins from is the fastest way to earn Madden Coins. We also update Madden News and Guides for gamers every day, please keep following us! Have fun! 

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