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Home > NEWS > FIFA 18 Unveiled Its Mysterious Coat in August

FIFA 18 Unveiled Its Mysterious Coat in August

FIFA 18 is the world’s most popular football simulation game’s successor, be burdened with excessive expectations to save the traditional stand-alone video game industry. But been developed under a same game engine, how could developer or the quintessence of the game save this franchise, that is a problem. Although news stations misled public of boasting the game’s performance without any basis.

But there’re substances for FIFA 18 to make a good start, that is to make use of the qualification of 2018 World Cup. The final tournament of 2018 World Cup will include 32 national teams. That will consist of a major part of the career mode of FIFA 18, which will be also leg by our buddy Alex Hunter. According to EA official, Alex Hunter won’t be a walk-on role of this franchise, and they won’t give up the considerable influence of this role.


There’s a screenshot of FIFA 18 that indicates the existence of Alex Hunter’s girlfriend and the possibility of further freedom of gameplay. The nameless girl appeared in our legend player’s dressing room must has a deep relation with him. But what will her bring about to the game still remains to be a question. Whether her a member of the women’s league?

Also, the artificial intelligent CPU controlled players in the game get their improvement again this year, with a further enhanced off-ball running and more natural gestures and the player’s real life’s behavior and playing style, which will make the game more authentic and realistic. A bot with enough intelligence will be able to know your offensive or defensive intention to co-operate with gamer better and smoother.

Not only the intelligent bots, but also the authentic team co-operation. For example, Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola’s beautiful football offensive strategy, based on holding and passing the ball, approaching steadily and seeking for the defensive hole, which requires extreme passing precision. A set of offensive or defensive strategy will be re-appeared in the game to switch the world’s best football game from heroic gameplay to authentic football matches.


To customize your unique team contains proper appointment of players, suitable formations, adhere to a consistent strategy, and keep a balance between players stats. A 99 overall in-form Messi won’t save you from lose if else players under 80. Take the advantage of the Iconic Players that introduced in FIFA 18 for the first time will make you a distinctive symbol in the game. The Fut Champions 100 Kit will also scare away your opponents, which can be only obtained from monthly leaderboard of top 100 in Ultimate Team mode.

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