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Best in Best Madden NFL 18 will Coming with Surprise

Prelude: Cover

July is approaching, the temperature heated up quickly, as well as our heart. Not due to the season, but for the Madden NFL 18’s publish date has confirmed to be August 25. If you’re veteran of Madden 17, congratulate to you for the upcoming Madden NFL will bring you about a brand-new gaming experience of Madden series. This time, EA Sports finally forgo its Ignite engine and make use of the time-checked Frostbite to develop the Madden followed with FIFA 17, which only means the Madden NFL 18 will be better graphics, better sounds, better operations, better physical mechanism, and better everything.

Patriots stardom QB Tom Brady will be on the cover of Madden NFL 18, take over the Rob Gronkowski position. It doesn’t matter who is the cover athlete of a game, we just care about how the gameplay will be, and another important question, the price!


Theme: G.O.A.T. Edition

Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T. Edition Price on PS4 will be $ 79.99 for pre-order price only. There’s no idea of how it will be after initial publishing this August. Now you can log on the Sony PlayStation Store to pre-order the Madden NFL 18 G.O.A.T. Edition. Till now, 97 gamers has pre-ordered the game, they must be true love of the game! Pre-order version will endow you a three-day early access to play the game while others still waiting for the release on August 22.

The standard edition Madden NHL 18 contains: full game, 1 elite player (self-selected), 5 MUT packs. G.O.A.T. edition provides more contents based on the standard edition include: 7 MUT packs, 1 G.O.A.T. elite player, 2500 contracts, 1 MUT uniform pack, and the 3-days early access. That is to say the 3-days early access privilege or superiority, only belongs to G.O.A.T gamers.

Episode: Pre-order

Whist pre-order the G.O.A.T. Edition on Xbox One, you can also get a one-month EA Access service as present. In case of new gamers who doesn’t know much about the EA Access’ function, we’d like to introduce it for you. The EA Access service is only available on Microsoft Xbox One, which promise you to buy all Xbox One games & in-game purchases with 10% discount, and chance to play the games in “Vault”, which contains most of its masterpieces.

Come with Frostbite engine, Madden NFL 17 ought to contain fantasy improvements in most of the corner of the game. The new engine features higher executive efficiency, more realistic graphics rendering, and lower hardware demanding. Actually, the Frostbite engine was assigned to be applied on almost every games of EA Sports. Frostbite engine game list:

  ● Battelefield Series

  ● Medal of Honor Series

  ● Need for Speed Series

  ● Command & Conquer Series

  ● Mirror’s Edge Series

  ● Plants vs Zombies Series

  ● FIFA Series


Epilogue: Gameplay Tweaks

Gameplay style are changeable for every gamer to cater for different demanding of gaming preference. And Madden 18 provide the ability to your players to throw the ball to every one you want in the game, now you can exploit your imagination to control the on ground avatars. Coaches and AI players finally got improved at thinking and ability of adjusting plans to the changing circumstances.

If you find any good ideas of suggestions towards our goods or services or website construction please contact our online support. Any other constructive advices are welcome too! For cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins, just wait for the game’s publish, now our Madden 18 Coins stock are under preparing. To buy fast transaction, safety guarantee, cheap price MUT 18 Coins, we are your best choice! Best wishes for you! 

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